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GetaLit quality surface

GetaLit laminate products are in demand wherever design-oriented, durable surfaces and high quality are required. Westag & Getalit’s decades of experience in this area – as well as a wide range of decors – mean that there is the right solution for every taste and every possible application.

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GetaCore – a material that opens up new rooms

GetaCore is an acrylic-based solid surface material that allows design options that would not be conceivable with other materials. Because GetaCore possesses special optical and functional qualities that are particularly in demand in construction, as well as in private kitchens and bathrooms.

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Design + structure = decor

What is more important? Decor or structure? Both are equally important! Because only in harmony with each another can a convincing result be achieved. In this respect, the GetaLit decor collection offers a large number of decors and structures, which combine to give the impression of harmonious design.

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Solid surface material