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Metallica – The Compact Slimline Worktop

Slim worktops are a growing trend in kitchens. Installing these worktops flush with the front gives your kitchen an elegant and modern style. Of course, it is important that the worktops are of high quality and absolutely durable. Metallica fulfils these requirements.

Highest quality and design standards

Metallica is a compact worktop in a stainless steel look that meets the highest standards for quality and design. In addition, this worktop has two appealing characteristics, which are unusual for stainless steel surfaces but popular amongst consumers:  it is warm to the touch and fingerprint-resistant.

An overview of surface properties

One essential property for worktops is resistance – a feature that our "Metallica Slimline" fully possesses. This is proved by the individual characteristics of this model. Our "Slimline" worktop is available in the dimensions 4,100 x 1,300 mm. Available thicknesses are 6 to 12 mm.


food safe

resistant to common household chemicals

impact resistant

heat resistant up to 230° C

light fast

abrasion resistant


For further information on our ‘Metallica’ compact worktop, please see our extensive brochure on this high-quality product.