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GetaCore – a material that opens up new rooms

GetaCore is an acrylic-based solid surface material that allows design options that would not be conceivable with other materials. This is the case because GetaCore possesses special visual and functional qualities that are particularly in demand in construction, as well as in private kitchens and bathrooms.


Uni Decors

Current uni decors do not only reflect the most important colour trends but they simultaneously emphasize the features of interior design depending on whether variation or relaxation represents the main focus.

Fine/Coarse Decors

A wide decor spectrum blending harmoniously in the environment or – when being required – setting targeted focus covers a versatile range of application options, hence certainly responding to the most diverse requirements of modern interior design.

Star, Terrazzo & Raindrops Decors

These decor lines convincingly reply to the requirements of authentic stone optics. These decors in granite, turmaline and sand tone appearance radiate every detail associated with this natural phenomenon. Any room fitted with these decors will be upgraded in a natural manner. Star decors with fine glitter particles additionally convey brilliant aesthetics.

Veneto by GetaCore decors

Being inspired by Italian marble this range is ideally suitable for representative projects and rooms. Finest veins and colour shades traverse the material. The colour palette ranges from warm caramel over mystic grey to elegant black and white shades.