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GetaLit-Surface texture overview

Textured designs have been in style for years, making them not just a trend, but the mark of a high-quality surface. This is why there is a surface texture to match every decor. This interplay produces a successful end result.

Crystal (Cr)

Roca (Rc)

Scivaro (Sc)

Stone textures – if you didn’t know it was GetaLit...

Stone textures combined with a matching decor create an authentic overall impression – so authentic that it’s hard to believe it’s not real stone.

Cera (Ce)

Ceramic texture – matt and gloss effects

Cera is a surface texture that transforms a decor into a ceramic surface. Its realistic effect might fool you into handling it with the same care as the real thing, but there is no need: it’s made of robust GetaLit laminate.

Innato (In)

Pore D (PoD)

Legnato (Lo)

Pore F (PoF)

Pore Esche blumig (PoEb)

Wood textures that impress

Decors refined with wood textures create a high degree of authenticity. These wood textures ensure that the surface’s overall impression easily matches up to the expected properties of each decor.

Brillant (Bril)

“Brilliant” high-gloss texture

Use the “Brilliant” high-gloss texture to design elegant surfaces. This texture adds a touch of exclusivity to kitchens in particular.

Mondo (Md)

Sentira (Si)

Seta (Se)

Perlmatt (Pma)

Matt textures – elegance with additional properties

Matt textures are in demand for surfaces offering understated elegance. Matt textures also have other desirable properties – for example, they are highly scratch-resistant and do not easily show fingerprints.

Feinschliff (Fs)

Gebürstet (Gb)

Metallic textures – for a slightly cooler effect

Whether it’s brushed or polished: metallic textures find their place in a wide variety of design styles, from industrial to urban elegance. Of course, they can also fulfil other design preferences that require a metallic surface.

Cada (Cd)

Tessutto (T)

Textile textures – emotive and soft

Solid and fantasy decors in particular can be transformed into attractive materials using textile textures. When combined, they create an engaging environment and add unique accents.