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Ad-hoc-News May 23, 2018

Gethalia Foundation and Broadview Industries AG have reached an agreement on the sale of 75.50 percent of the ordinary shares of Westag & Getalit AG - announcement of a voluntary public takeover offer

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Investor Relations

Westag & Getalit AG was listed on the stock exchange on June 26, 1961. Half of our company's 5,720,000 shares are ordinary shares carrying voting rights and the other half are non-voting preference shares. Our shares have been listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Prime Standard since it was established at the beginning of 2003. Our membership of the Prime Standard and the resulting extended disclosure obligations reflect the great importance Westag & Getalit AG attaches to its relations with the capital market. Thanks to our active, open and timely information policy, we have gained the confidence of investors and analysts alike, thus steadily increasing the financial community's interest in the Westag share.