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Door installation – get stuck in!

Make the most of our expertise and fit your door yourself by following our instructions. This will not only save you money, but will also ensure the quality does not suffer. We will talk you through it step-by-step – with meaningful videos as well as descriptions, including a whole range of helpful tips. This will ensure you are fully informed and can proceed without any concerns.

Part 3: Installing the door

7th step: Join the cross-sections and longitudinal sections. Ensure that the corner connectors are fixing the door frame components.

8th step: Place the housing in the intended openings. Use an Allen key to fix it in place.

9th step: Position the prepared door frame in the intended opening.

10th step: Fix the door frame element in at least two places. It is then embedded in the foam.

Videos illustrate how to fit the door

Sometimes, a video says more than a thousand words. Our video will show you very clearly how to fit the door yourself.

Using the configuration tool to find your dream door

Our online door configuration tool offers you a very special service: You can use it to place your chosen models from the wide Westag & Getalit range virtually in your room even before you buy them. This way, you can get a quick and clear overview of which door is best suited to your home.


Our promise of quality

Highest product quality and long product life cycles. We’ve stood for these values with our name for many years.