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Practical door accessories for every need

Get a handle on your doors with our accessories! From door closers and slamming protection to door stoppers, we offer a wide range of practical, convenient little items to help you make the most of your doors. With these accessories, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of your doors.


Our mini door closer can be used on any door and is quick and easy to fit. Simply fit it on top of the door leaf, and it closes the door automatically – keeping draughts at bay. With us, saving energy is easy!


This discreet little door closer is incredibly convenient. Its hold-on function ensures that the door automatically closes gently and quietly. If you open the door at an angle of 60 degrees or more, it will stay open in that position.


Prevent your children and pets from being locked out! These two clips have a damping function that stops the door before it closes completely – meaning that you no longer need to use the handle to open the door.


Our TürButler is easy to mount on the wall and fits any handle. It offers two practical benefits: It keeps the door open for you, and it serves a door stopper that protects your wall from damage.

TürFix Lift | TürFix Lotse

These two installation aids make it much easier to install and remove doors. TürFix Lift raises the door in a simple, controlled way, while TürFix Lotse helps to guide the hinges during installation.

Using the configuration tool to find your dream door

Our online door configuration tool offers you a very special service: You can use it to place your chosen models from the wide Westag & Getalit range virtually in your room even before you buy them. This way, you can get a quick and clear overview of which door is best suited to your home.


Our promise of quality

Highest product quality and long product life cycles. We’ve stood for these values with our name for many years.