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Well positioned for the future

A well thought-out organizational structure is essential for the ongoing success of a company. We rely on a healthy mixture of clear rules and flexibility — an approach that looks in detail as follows:

  • The division of our sales and manufacturing areas into the segments Doors/Frames and Surfaces/Elements gives us the best possible market- and customer-orientation.
  • Our central division, which brings together all of the overarching functions, ensures the effective cohesion and resulting synergies of all the company departments.
  • As a result of our organisation into segments with a central division, we achieve clear, short decision-making processes, goal-directed activity, and the overall success of our company.
  • Our Supervisory Board, Board of Management and the managers within the individual segments together lay the foundation for the strategic orientation of the company.
  • Our corporate objectives are agreed upon together; the steps required to reach them are implemented by the specialist departments acting on their own authority.